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The dyspnea is a symptom ypokeimeniko.Synithos perceived difficulty in anapnoi.Mporei like to be a simple manifestation of stress, but we must not forget that one of the main symptoms of lung disease, heart klp.Tha should therefore consult your doctor you.

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The dyspnea is a subjective feeling of respiratory difficulty (difficulty). It may be accompanied by respiratory failure or not.

Separated into

(a) acute

(b) years

(c) Paroxysmal

(d) dyspnea fatigue

(e) resting dyspnea

Causes: may be due to illness

* Respiratory
* Circulatory (eg heart failure)
* Blood (eg, anemia)
* Nervous System
* Or be psychogenic reasons

More specifically:

* Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
* Bronchial asthma
* Swelling tabs
* Pneumothorax
* Pulmonary embolism
* Pleurisy
* Densification (pneumonia)
* Large airway obstruction (foreign body aspiration, food, development of mass etc.)
* Anemia
* Heart failure
* Pulmonary edema
* Obesity
* Hyperthyroidism
* Central Nervous System Diseases
* Myopathies respiratory muscles
* Damage chest wall

Some of the main laboratory tests:

* Chest X-ray or CT scan
* Electrocardiogram or triplex heart
* Spirometry, flow-volume curve, static lung volumes, expansive lung capacity
* Oximetry at rest and fatigue
* Arterial blood gases
* Pressure respiratory muscles
* Scintigraphy aimatoseos-lung ventilation or CT angiography in suspected pulmonary lung embolism
* Neurological examination

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