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Chest pain

Chest pain

The chest pain may be a manifestation of the chest wall diseases (muscular wall, ribs, spine), lung, heart and great vessels, esophagus klp.Episis may be reflective of the conditions of the situations koilias.Polles responsible for its occurrence is serious and endanger the lives of asthenous.Chreiazontai then immediate attention, therefore you should consult your health care professional.

To learn more about chest pain, read on.


The origin of pain in the chest can be obtained from the following:

* Lung
* Pleural
* Chest wall
* Aperture
* Spine
* Heart
Esophagus *
Trachea *
* Reflective of the abdominal organs

In the context of the inquiries would have to specify the following:

* The intensity
* The location of
* The extent of
* A
* If moved abruptly or gradually
* If it is related to breathing movements, the movements of the torso and limbs, cough etc.

So the chest pain is divided into:

* Pleural type
* Retrosternal
* Intercostals neuralgia
* Reflective pain from organs of the abdomen

Laboratory tests those that should be done immediately:

* Chest X-ray or CT scan
* Electrocardiogram or triplex heart

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