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The cough is one of the main symptoms of the respiratory system but may be due to other diseases.

Distinguished rough dry cough and productive cough when accompanied by expectoration (sputum)

The 2 most common causes of cough are:

1. infections
2. allergies

In no case can be regarded as something normal, even in smokers who have a morning cough (known to everyone as "tsigarovicha).

You should therefore consult your doctor.

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The cough is one of the most common causes for which someone should seek medical advice.

It is a protective reflex mechanism of the body which is: There are so-called "vichogonoi 'receptors in both the upper respiratory tract (pharynx, larynx) and in handset katotero.Episis poro.Diaforoi the outside factors can irritate the vichogonous receptors through adductor nerves carrying the cerebral cortex and the information from the brain via nerves in the lungs of kidnappings and respiratory myes.Oi phases of cough are: deep breath - the closure of the glottis - increased pressure in the lungs - opening the tongue -- air outlet at high pressure and speed. This body blow and removes vichogono cause.


* Infections
* International bodies
* Allergies
* Toxic and irritating gases such as tobacco smoke, etc.

Divided into:

* Dry
* Production (when there is sputum production)
* Acid
* Chronic (chronic cough is when it persists more than 3 weeks)


* Infections
* Foreign body
* Bronchial asthma
* Chronic bronchitis
* Gastroesophageal reflux disease
* Vronchektasies
* Lung cancer
Sinusitis *
* Heart failure
Interstitial lung disease *
* Drugs (angiotensin converting enzyme which is given for the treatment of arterial hypertension)
* Reasoning psychogenic

Although a protective reflex as mentioned and may present some complications, such as:

* Insomnia
* Headaches
* Syncope with cough
* Haemoptysis
* Fracture side
* Break rectal abdominal muscle
* Inguinal hernia
* Pneumothorax
* Larynx injury
* Break frenum language
* Swollen eyelids
* Rupture aortic aneurysm, etc.

Investigation of the causes include

* Good history taking
* Clinical examination
* Cardiological examination
* X-bay person
* Chest X-ray or CT scan and
* Spirometry
* Bronchoscopy, etc.

The treatment is proportional to the event.

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